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Bespoke Street Furniture - to your design

Just some of the bespoke bollards and cycle stands we have created for our customers

If you hadn’t gathered already we actually make our products. We are not a wholesaler or an agent we are the manufacturer. We welcome any visitors to come over and see our capacity and how we make your items. We have the capacity to manufacture Bollards for example up to 300mm outside diameter all manufactured and polished in our works.

Being the manufacturer this gives 100% control over anything produced in our works. We are very familiar working with Architects helping through the design stage, finding the most cost effective way with our wealth of metal knowledge to meeting any brief. We work closely with Councils, Highway Agencies, Ground Workers etc.

Other Bespoke Bollards and Cycle Stands

If you have a specific requirement for any area’s that require a theme or certain identity we will happily work with you from design through to manufacture. We can manufacture unique bins, benches, bollards, cycle stands, gates and railings offering a specific polish, colours or embossing. We also manufacture trolly parks, tree gaurds, shelters and enclosures,

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