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At YPL Street Furniture, we have a range of cast iron bollard styles that are used in many different high streets and city centers throughout the UK. Our cast iron bollards can range from classic designs to banding and rounded top and have a variety of uses in cities today. The main use is to prohibit the use of motor vehicles in certain designated areas. Our cast iron bollards can increase feeling of safety in built up areas where a lot of predestines congregate. We have many different designs of cast iron bollards which can be used in an urban areas. Cast iron is a completely recyclable material and most of the bollards will last in excess of 50 to 100 years when painted, much due to the fact that cast iron deteriorates at a slower rate than people expect. A lot of people think that cast iron bollards will corrode quickly, but this is not the case, only a small amount of the bollard will in fact deteriorate (around six microns per year). If you need anymore information on our cast iron bollards, please do not hesitate to contact us through our site.

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