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  • Forelle Bollard

    Forelle Square Hardwood Bollards with Shaped Top

  • Bartlett Bollard

    Bartlett Shaped Top Timber Bollards

  • Seckel Bollard and Socket

    Seckel and Socket Removable Timber Bollards

  • Garham Bollard

    Garham Round, Flat Top Bollards with Grooved Hardwood

  • Wooden Bollard

    Machine rounded & chamfered Timber Bollard

  • Wooden Bollard

    Machine rounded & grooved Timber Bollard

  • Wooden Bollard

    Square with shaped top Timber Bollard

  • Wooden Bollard

    Square with shaped top & grooved Timber Bollard

These Timber Bollards are available in a variety of shapes and sizes Their type varies according to their uses - from simple light weight timber bollards for demarcation purposes, separating pedestrians from traffic or for protecting vulnerable points like corners of buildings that could be accidentally hit by vehicles. These timber bollards are guaranteed for 25 years These posts are stress relieved by having a saw cut in the middle of one side allowing the timber to move as it dries out or swells according to the weather, thus avoiding unsightly splits. Available with amber, white and red reflectors These timber bollards use the ultimate in modern softwood preservation. This ISO 9001 accredited process that allows preservative to penetrate deep into the timber through total immersion and vacuum pressure. We are so confident in this process that we back it with a 25 year guarantee against all wood-boring pests and all forms of wet and dry rot. The Process conforms to B5 8417 and will not soil hands or clothing. It is harmless to man, animal and plant life. Non-inflammable and non-corrosive, it has no unpleasant odour and does not reduce the strength of timber or make it brittle This timber bollard is available in a variety of Lengths and thicknesses, Please call us for more informatuon.

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