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  • Sheffield cycle stand

    Sheffield Cycle Stand

  • Tapping Rail cycle stand

    Tapping Rail Cycle Stand

  • York Cycle Stand with sign

    York Cycle Stand

  • Toast rack bike stand

    Toast Rack Cycle Stand

  • Harrogate cycle stand Tall & wide root fixed

    Harrogate Tall & wide

  • Harrogate cycle stand Tall & Narrow satin polished finish

    Harrogate Tall & Narrow

  • Large Loop Stand root fixed in a satin polished finish

    Large Loop Stand

  • Loop Stand Root Fixed

    Loop Stand

  • 270 Degree Hoop - Push bike racks

    270 Degree Hoop

  • Zer'o' Ring Root Fixed In A Satin Polished Finish

    Zer'o' Ring

  • Zer'o' cross rail stand satin polished root fixed

    Zer'o' Cross Rail

  • Shark Fin Bike Stand

    Shark Fin Cycle Stand

  • P Cycle Bicycle Stand

    P Stand

  • M Bike racks

    M Stand

  • FIN Cycle stand

    D Stand

  • Multi lock stand in a satin polished finish

    Multi Lock

At YPL Street Furniture, we can offer a wide range of stainless steel bike stands and bike racks at competitive prices. Our various products come in a range of designs, from a single 270 degree hoop stands to a ‘toast rack’ style version which will accommodate multiple bikes. We have a variety of different styles which suit the modern high street or city centre. A lot of our styles are already being used in city centers including Sheffield and York and these are shown above. All the products are extremely durable as would be expected. Our stands are also very easy to maintain and also vandal proof. As well as the standard cycle / push bike racks stands above, we can also create tailor made stands to your exact requirements. The bespoke versions are designed and created by ourselves at YPL Street Furniture. We can also arrange for the products to be fitted included in the total services we provide. Many of our stands are also able to accommodate motorcycles as well as standard bikes making them more cost effective than a standard stand. If you would like more information on any of our please feel free to contact us through our site.

competitive on price...no compromise on quality!

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