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  • Omega Semi Dome Top Root Fixed Stainless Steel Bollard

Omega Semi Dome Top Bollard


This is part of our highly polished stainless steel Omega range regularly purchased for use outside prestigious buildings due to the high quality appearance of the product.

The bollard is root fixed usually installed into a concrete foundation complete with root fixing pegs to prevent twisting or removal of the bollard.

Ideal for demarcation purposes.

Manufactured from 100% recyclable stainless steel which is incredibly hard wearing and very low maintenance. Stainless steel is commonly recycled making it a ‘Green’ product often chosen by architects. Grade 304 is the standard grade with the option of grade 316 (marine grade) for coastal applications due to is increased corrosion resistance.

Various options of the YPL560 are available (see below).

All of our bollards are available in DDA compliant lengths.

Download Technical Specification [PDF]

Available in the following diameters
76mm, 89mm, 101mm, 114mm, 129mm, 139mm, 154mm,168mm, 204mm, 254mm

Product Variations

All of our stainless bollards are available in the following options

  • Omega Semi Dome Top Surface Mounted Bollard.

    Omega Semi Dome Top Surface Mounted Bollard

    Surface Mounted - Supplied complete with an integral base plate. This is an ideal option where ground excavation is not an option. Cover plates also available on request

  • Bright Polished Reflective Band Bollard Stainless Steel Bollard

    Omega Semi Dome Top Banded Bollard

    Banded - We are able to supply our bollards with visibility bands in either of the following options. Reflective bands powder coated band (a range of colour available) & polished bands.

  • Semi dome top removable bollard in stainless steel

    Omega Semi Dome Top Removable Bollard

    Removable - Lift out and lockable bollard to allow temporary vehicle access. Th bollard itself can be easily replaced if damaged. Additional gorund work and excavation required.

  • Bright Polished Semi Dome Top Anti-Ram Stainless Steel Bollard

    Omega Semi Dome Top Anti Ram Bollard

    Anti Ram - Reinforced with an additional steel core which can be either self colour or galvanised. Ideal for ram raid deterrence.

Remember - All of out stainless steel bollards are available in the following top options

  • Flat Top BollardFlat Top
  • Dome Top BollardSemi-Dome Top
  • 45 Degree Mitred Top BollardMitre Top (45°)

YPL Street Furniture can manufacture our products to your specification. Please contact one of our sales team to discuss your requirements.

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