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Seckel and Socket Removable Timber Bollards


A wide range of bollards for route delineation or vehicle exclusion. A variety of shapes and appearances to satisfy individual hard landscaped areas: four timber, three cast iron and one steel. Includes a selection of sectional sizes and standard lengths.


  • Educational Sites
  • Urban landscaping
  • Park sites
  • Pedestrian and shopping walkways
  • Coastal Areas

Accessories (Timber)

  • Ground socket fixing (with padlock): allows for bollards to be detached. Lift-up cover suitable for padlock when bollard is fixed into position, or alternatively a closed flush with a ground ensuring pedestrian safety when bollard is taken away.

Timber Composition

  • Durable hardwood
  • Oak
  • Larch softwood (not Garham)


  • Stain: Teak (standard shade)
  • additional shades (custom order)
Total lengths (mm) 1000 or 1500 1000 or 1500
Installed height (mm) 600 or 110 600 or 1100
Section type Round Square
Section dimensions (mm) 120 or 150 120 or 150
Ground + +    

Can be made to exact dimensions, with reflectors on request.
= Standard
= Special order
+= Removeable socket fixing now available: 400mm deep

OUr Timber Bollards are guaranteed for 25 years

These timber Bollards use the the ultimate modern softwood preservation. This ISO 9001 accredited process that allows preservative to penetrate deep into the timber through total immersion and vacuum pressure. We are so confident in this process that it is backed it with a 25 year guarantee against all wood-boring pests and all forms of wet and dry rot.

The Process conforms to B5 8417 and will not soil hands or clothing. It is harmless to man, animal and plant life. Non-inflammable and non-corrosive, it has no unpleasant odour and does not reduce the strength of timber or make it brittle

Please contact us afterwards to register your purchases into the guarantee programe.

YPL Street Furniture can manufacture our products to your specification. Please contact one of our sales team to discuss your requirements.

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