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  • Post mounted  standard 40 litre steel  litter bin

Post mounted standard 40 litre steel litter bin


  • Capacity: 40 Litres.
  • 3 versions of post mounting:
  1. Side mounted on a Ř 76 mm steel post attached by two cast aluminium collars.Choice of 4 top caps.
  2. Mounted on a Ř 76 mm central steel post with a cast aluminium decorative base cover, to be concreted directly into the ground or to make removable if fixed into a Ř 76 mm Lockbloc® removable socket.
  3. With ashtray as per technical characteristics of the ash-post.
  • To be concreted directly into the ground. Finished in our RAL colours.
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Side post YPLPC208165 YPLPC208166 YPLPC208167 YPLPC208168
Ash-post YPLPC208165 YPLPC208166 YPLPC208167 YPLPC208168
Central post YPLPC208110      
Optional decorative base cover YPLPC206108    

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