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  • Recycling point

Recycling point


Make a set of recycling bins by assembling 1 to 3 standard YPLPC steel litter bins around one central post. Use different coloured lids for easy identification. For the features of the litter bins, see page 56.

Your public recycling point consists of:

  • An initial YPLPC standard steel litter bin with liner on a 76 mm steel post, lid & body in steel painted with zinc primer, finished in our RAL colours.Mounted on a pre-drilled, lacquered steel bar for wall mounting.
  • One or two additional YPLPC standard steel litter bins with liners and connecting parts, body in steel painted on zinc in our RAL colours ; lid & body in steel painted with zinc primer, finished in our RAL colours.


  • 3 self-adhesive recycling pictograms supplied.
Initial litter bin Top cap Code
YPLPC standard steel bin with liner on side post City YPLPC208135

Additional litter bins Code
Additional bin(s) with liner and linking attachments, without post. YPLPC208130

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