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Tosca Round Top Lockable Litter Bin


We sell a wide range of all-purpose timber and steel bins – suitable for individual hard landscaped environments. Each bin consists of a galvanized, removable steel lining, with holes for drainage. Either with a timber-slatted or steel angle finish.

KEY MeasurementsStarkingOrcasSudcluthWilliamsTosca
(Swing-lid / Hinged-lid)
Overall height (mm) 1085 735 595
(Unit only)
740 1015 760 760
Section type Round
Round Rectangular Square Square Round Square
Section dimensions (mm) 490-430
(External diameter)
(External diameter)
595 x 320 530 x 530 530 x 530 580 x 580 610 x 610
Capacity (litres) 79 111 119 158 158 111 158
Pedestal + + + +
Wall +

= Standard
+= Bolt fixing using 4 x D20/M180L rawlbolts (only three bolts necessary for Orcas bin)


  • Educational Sites
  • Urban schemes
  • Street landscaping
  • Open Spaces
  • Pedestrian and shopping areas
  • Coastal Margins
  • Roadside walkways

Types of Bin

  • Starking: round, tapered
  • Orcas: cylindrical
  • Sudcluth: rectangular, wall-mounted
  • Williams: square, large capacity
  • Tosca: modified Williams, with round top housing for lockable lid (either swing-lid or hinged-lid)
  • cascade: new cylindrical, all wood
  • Anjou: new square, large capacity, all wood

Frame Material

  • Steel

Slat Composition

  • Iroko
  • Cedar
  • Oak
  • Softwood
  • Plastic-coated steel angle irons

Steel Frame

  • Black (standard)
  • with six additional colour options (custom order)


  • Stain: Teak (standard shade)
  • additional shades (custom order)

Steel Angle Iron

  • Selection of seven colours


  • Optional padlock to lock liner to frame if required
  • Matching painted galvanised liners (normally supplied unpainted)

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