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  • Province planter

Province planter


A classic design, in 100% steel offering the choice of 4 decorative top caps and link bench..

  • Tubular 7 mm corner posts.
  • Cladding in galvanised sheet steel.
  • Choice of 4 top caps.
  • Available in 3 versions:
    • Interior in galvanised steel sheet
    • Internal polyester resin planter
    • Removable internal polyester resin planter with inserts
  • Screw jacks at base of posts for level adjustment in case of an uneven surface.

Finish & assembly

  • Finish: galvanised then painted, available in our RAL colours.
  • Product is shipped assembled.


  • Water reservoir in geotextile (incompatible with galvanised interiorversion).
  • Lifting rings for use with the inserts in the internal removablepolyester resin planter.
Length x Width x Height(mm) Version Water reservoir
Galvanised reservoir sheet interior Internal polyester planter Removable internal polyester planter
800 x 800 x 750 YPLPC201260 YPLPC201510 YPLPC201520 YPLPC201606
1000 x 500 x 750 YPLPC201255 YPLPC201511 YPLPC201521 YPLPC201607
800 x 800 x 750 YPLPC201250 YPLPC201512 YPLPC201522 YPLPC201606
1000 x 500 x 750 YPLPC201256 YPLPC201513 YPLPC201523 YPLPC201607
800 x 800 x 750 YPLPC201251 YPLPC201514 YPLPC201524 YPLPC201606
1000 x 500 x 750 YPLPC201257 YPLPC201515 YPLPC201525 YPLPC201607
800 x 800 x 750 YPLPC201264 YPLPC201516 YPLPC201526 YPLPC201606
1000 x 500 x 750 YPLPC201259 YPLPC201517 YPLPC201527 YPLPC201607

Optional lifting rings YPLPC201291

Optional - Estoril bench to link planters

Especially designed for using our planters to create the geometricpattern of your choice.

Benches include fittings to attach them to the planters.

  • Made of 2 mm perforated sheet steel, framed with a decorativesteel tube.
  • Steel is zinc primed and finished in our RAL colours.

Estoril bench length 1800 mm YPLPC201300

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